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Nurturing Hidden Champions to Global Standards, Becoming a Strong Sports Industry Nation

KSPO operates various projects through the affiliated Korea Institute of Sport Science's Sports Industry Support Center to maximize Korean sports industries' potential. To create a synergy between other industries such as ICT and tourism, KSPO provides support on new products and technology developments, business start-ups, fundings, and overseas marketings to nurture our industry to be independent and competitive in the global markets.

  • Seoul International Sports & Leisure Industry Show (SPOEX)
    • SPOEX is the largest sports expo in Korea, also one of the top class expos in Asia which is held every February. The expo provides overseas trade opportunities to domestic companies by holding business matching meetings with overseas buyers during the expo.
  • Sports Science and Technology Research & Development
    • KSPO provides a research & development fund to companies, universities, and research institutes which develop new sports products and technologies.
  • Sporting Goods Test & Certification
    • Our Sporting Goods Testing Center has been established in Yongin(Singal), GyeongGi-Do. The center issues KISS (Korea Industrial Standards of Sporting Goods) certifications, which evaluate on quality, standard, functionality, and production. The Certified products receive support on obtaining foreign certifications.
  • Funding Support
    • KSPO raised the sports industries fund of funds of 50M USD investing in sports companies and related industry projects. Low-interest rate loans are provided to small and medium sized sports companies.
  • Sports Industry Support System
    • KSPO encourages opening new businesses by supporting new item developments and providing start-up educations & managements.
  • Sports Industry Job Support Center
    • KSPO operates SPOIS (, a specialized sports industry recruitment site, and hosts Sports Industry Job Fair to create more jobs to alleviate labor shortages in small and medium businesses.
  • Supporting Small and Medium Businesses
    • To increase competitiveness of small and medium sporting goods and service businesses, we provide consulting on topics such as sales & marketing, product competitiveness, production costs, categorical management, and IPO.
  • Nurturing Sports Industry Specialized Talents
    • KSPO operates internship programs for small & medium sports companies and domestic & international sports organizations. KSPO also provides support to education facilities which trains professional talents.
Sports Industry General Sports Industry Support Center +82-1566-4573