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Working Right by Citizens.
Building a Fair Society with Shared Growth

KSPO puts enormous effort on making ethical management as part of our daily lives by improving the quality of our service through management innovations and transparent company cultures. To become a trusted partner with collaborating companies and local communities, we put emphasis on building transparent contract processes and nurturing small and medium sports companies. KSPO will never cease our efforts while working fairly and confidently to become a role model for any public services.

  • Highest Customer Satisfaction for 5 Consecutive Times
    • By implementing a customer-centric management process, we've achieved the highest customer satisfaction rating on the government evaluated public-service customer satisfaction index(PSCI) for five consecutive times from 2011 to 2016.
  • Vision-Process-Result, Everything Has To Be ALL-Right
    • Under our slogan "All-Right", KSPO has been hard at work to spread ethical management, creating transparent and clean company culture.
    • As a result, we've received a high rating in the annual government anticorruption evaluation by Anti-Corruption & Civil Rights Commission in 2016.
  • Trusted Partner of Small and Medium Businesses
    • KSPO focuses on establishing a fair trade, resolving hardships of our partner companies, and nurturing sports small and medium businesses to encourage shared growth. Also we increase our purchases from companies operated by the Disabled, women, and social unions to protect and to nurture companies operated by disadvantaged people.
Social Value Team Lee Ayoung +82-2-410-1206 ayy@kspo.or.kr