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KSPO is fully utilizing its existing network to fulfill its vision of social responsibility, “Creating Social Values through Sports.

360 ° Sports Sponsor of Korea” in the form of sports specialized socially responsible activities and education charities. KSPO’s LoveShareVolunteers play a central role involving our employees to participate in various volunteering works in local communities, spreading values of sharing and shared growth to make our society a better place.

  • Giving Hopes to Uneducated Young Adults through Sports
    • For young adults who stopped going to school, KSPO operates a year-long project to enable them to socially stand on their own as well as to care for their health.
  • Sports Specialized Education Contributions
    • KSPO utilizes its infrastructures such as Olympic Museum, Seoul Olympic Museum of Art, Olympic Youth Hostel, and Korea Institute of Sport Science to provide various sports related hands-on job experiences, educations on Olympic values, and creativity programs to elementary to high school kids.
  • Growth Sharing Local Community Contributions
    • KSPO makes contributions on local community charity works such as volunteering welfare facilities, giving donations, helping with farm works, and distributing briquettes to solitary elderlies. Hope Sharing 2nd Round project consists of creating jobs for seniors, providing tutors to low-income classes, supporting camps for the disabled, and providing emergency medical costs.
Social Value Team Lee Ayoung +82-2-410-1206 ayy@kspo.or.kr