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From the Asian Games in1986 to the Seoul Olympics in 1988, the World Cup in 2002, Incheon Asian Games in2014, and Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in 2018, Korea is becoming recognized as a strong sports country.

To enhance Korea’s status in this time, the systematic collection, preservation, and exhibition of sports artifacts and data must e prioritized.

In response, the first national sports museum to illuminate Korea’s glorious sports history will be built in 2022 with the help of the people.

Tales of citizens and the sports history of Korea with old memories are revived again through the national sports museum.

  • National Sports Museum
    • A sports museum will be constructed that can fully display Korea’s history as a strong sports country by collecting, preserving and exhibiting sports-related artifacts.
    • The national sports museum, the design of which was started in 2016, will be completed in 2022, and the public campaign for artifact contribution and a feasibility study for the purchase of artifacts have been conducted based on the construction promotion consulting committee.
    • On the basis of this, an independent educational and cultural space will be established, and sports culture experience opportunities will be expanded for the public.
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