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Seoul Olympic Museum was opened in1990 to re-illuminate the glory and outcome of the Seoul Olympics, and cultivate self-esteem in youth by handing down the Olympism.

This establishment is operated as an open space enjoyed by citizens with families, with various exhibitions, event programs, experience activities, and so forth on the subject of Olympic and sports.

Notice of long-term closure

  • - Thank all of you for visiting Seoul Olympic Museum for many years. Because of remodeling construction Seoul Olympic Museum will be closed for a long time from July 1, 2018.
    Please refer to your visiting schedule. We look forward to seeing you again with a new museum.
    Thank you.
  • - Closure term : July 1, 2018 ~ December 31, 2022

Main facilities

- Exhibition hall (4 units, reference room, video room, education room, café(Som)


- 424, Olympic-ro, Songpa-go, Seoul

Seoul Olympic Museum

  • - As a space dedicated to remembering and commemorating the Olympism this provides the combined functions of education and recreation.
  • - In the permanent exhibition hall, Olympic displays on the subjects of peace and prosperity, hope, glory, and harmony are exhibited and various visual data which can reveal the Olympism are provided ; in this way, audio-visual education with which a variety of aspects of the history of Olympic can be confirmed are implemented.
Commemorative Affairs Team Lee Sujin +82-2-410-1327