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The Seoul Olympic Parktel(Olympic Youth Hostel) is a representative adolescent training facility located in Seoul that was opened in1990 as a youth lodging facility, activation international youth exchanges, and fulfilling an academy house function.

As a large hospital and various cultural recreation facilities such as Seoul Olympic Museum, Seoul Olympic Museum of Art(SOMA), Lotte World, and so forth are located in close proximity, optimum geographical and environmental conditions are prepared for the training and education of adolescents. In addition, the hotel-class facility can be utilized at a reasonable coast, and various attractions can be experienced as a variety of sports events and domestic and international celebrations ate held throughout the year.

Accommodation, Banquet Hall and Wedding Facility

  • - Various room types are available, including the double room which can hold up to 6 people. The comfort of the downtown can be felt from the cozy and convenient internal facilities, with the background of beautiful scenery of Olympic Park.
  • - Various types of events are held at Olympia Hall which is 3 large banquet hall, 5 intermediate banquet halls, and 8 small banquet halls, and the restaurants and wedding facilities give guests the opportunity to make valuable memories with members of their family.

Adolescent Training Business

  • - As an open space for youth, the Seoul Olympic Parktel (Olympic Youth Hostel) provides opportunities for various experience activities in sports, culture, art, ecology, history, international exchange, career, etc.
  • - The hostel is dedicated to supporting the sound growth and development of adolescents, and its reasonable prices have ensured regular visits by domestic and international adolescent organizations and school excursion groups every year.
Management Team Kim Hansu +82-2-410-2188