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The Olympic stadium and supporting facilities were constructed close to Mongchontoseong fortress in order to hold the Asian Games in1986 and the Seoul Olympics in 1988.

Since the games, they have been operated as sports, culture, history, and ecology parks that offer vitality and ease of living while allowing an experience of nature in the downtown area.
The open-air stage and 6 world-class stadiums located in the Olympic Park are popular venues for various concerts and cultural events.

Enjoying the Sports

Various programs such as tennis, table tennis, yoga, health club, and so forth are provided, expanding the base of sports for all.

Enjoying the Culture

Various culture and art events are held at the KSPO DOME(Olympic Gymnastics Stadium), Olympic Hall, Muse Live, and stages such as the waterside stage, etc

Enjoying the Ecology

As several hundred roses are planted in the rose garden within the Olympic Park which is an ecological park, the gardens are popular, especially during the blossoming season.

Enjoying the History

The historic site of Baekje, Monchontoseong fortress discovered during the construction of Olympic Park can be viewed at the Mongchon Museum of History after the restoration.

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