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The Tour de Korea, which involves making a trip around the country by bicycle, is not a simple game but a representative sporting event incorporating sports, culture, and tourism, as a race of hope for a healthy world. The race combined with the beautiful course of each area produces fantastic spectacles and has the effect of activating the economy of each area.

Through the ‘Tour de Korea’, Korea is joining the ranks of environmentally advanced countries, widening the base of cycling and activating the bicycle industry.

  • Elite Competition
    • This is the main event. participated in by the best athletes certified with ME(Men Elite) qualification, and it is a race of challenge and passion participated in by athletes selected from among those registered to UCI. Even today, the best elite athletes are working to enhance their skill to be able to enter this excellent race.
  • Special Competition
    • This is the section road cycling for bicycle club member participated in by the higher ranking bicycle club athletes. Since 2013, the has been held separately from the elite competition, and is an event that helps athletes build their own capabilities. Although the range of ability is high, the passion and attitude of the athletes are consistent.
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