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We aim to boost the status of our country as a strong sports nation and to increase our influence globally by supporting Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang2018, hosting and participating in various international events, international sports exchanges, and sports diplomacies.

We operate various projects to promote and globalize Taekwondo as the originator of Taekwondo.
We also strive to become a sports supporter to developing countries.

  • International Sports Exchanges
    • We support various sports exchange projects in hopes of hosting and participating in major international events such as Olympics and Asian Games.
  • Hosting and Participating in International Events
    • We strive to raise athletes' performances and strengthen a sports diplomacy by giving support on hosting international sports events and sending Korean athletes to participate.
  • Anti-Doping Movements
    • To keep our athletes away from temptations of a doping and to promote a fair play, we provide a support on educating related personnel and promoting Korea Anti-Doping Agency programs.
  • Taekwondo Promotion Projects
    • In order to provide Taekwondo pilgrimages and training centers to Taekwondo athletes around the world, we support maintaining Taekwondo Park, and Taekwondowon's operations and projects.
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