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KSPO's been globally promoting Korea as a strong sports nation by supporting different sports organizations & various domestic events, and promoting and fostering exceptional athletes and trainers to reach their peak performances with help from Korean Sport & Olympic Committee.

We also reward high performing athletes who ranked in international events with Sports Skill Improvement Research Pension.

  • International Sports Exchanges
    • We support various sports exchange projects in hopes of hosting and participating in major international events such as Olympics and Asian Games.
  • Hosting and Participating in International Events
    • We strive to raise athletes' performances and strengthen a sports diplomacy by giving support on hosting international sports events and sending Korean athletes to participate.
  • Anti-Doping Movements
    • To keep our athletes away from temptations of a doping and to promote a fair play, we provide a support on educating related personnel and promoting Korea Anti-Doping Agency programs.
  • Taekwondo Promotion Projects
    • In order to provide Taekwondo pilgrimages and training centers to Taekwondo athletes around the world, we support maintaining Taekwondo Park, and Taekwondowon's operations and projects.
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