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Making Citizens Healthy & Korea Energized through Vitalizing Sports for All

For everyone - from children to seniors - to enjoy sports regardless of their age, area, or income, we build various Sports facilities such as Citizens Health Center and Open Gyms around the neighborhoods as well as maintaining deteriorating public sports facilities. We also contribute to the improvement of the national health, the physical fitness, and the quality of life through projects such as providing a support for elementary school sports instructors, after-school sports programs, and sports instructors for the elderly.

  • Aiding Korean Sport & Olympic Committee
    • We aid Korean Sport & Olympic Committee's projects such as developing, distributing, and promoting of Sports for All programs, supporting sports for the underprivileged, revitalizing traditional sports, training Sports for All instructors, supporting Sports for All events and international exchanges, and supporting after-school sports programs.
  • Building Sports for All Facilities
    • We continually build sports facilities such as the National Sports Center, sports facilities in rural areas, and open multi-purpose gymnasiums so that citizens can enjoy a variety of sports activities anytime, anywhere.
  • Deploying Sports for All Instructors
    • In order to enable people to participate in sports activities in their daily lives, full-time instructors, specialized instructors for elderlies, Sports for All square instructors, and elementary school sports instructors are deployed to spread various sports programs on the field.
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