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Bicycle racing was first introduced in Korea in 1994 with the purpose of providing leisure for citizens, and is now offered as a healthy leisure sports to raise funds for national sports promotion, expand regional finances, improve athletic performance, and develop various sports industries related to cycling as a healthy leisure sport.

With seven players in a competition, you can buy a ticket to bet on a player and receive prize money at a certain rate if your player wins.

- The KSPO has provided a total of 135,116 billion KRW for national sports promotion over 31 years, from 1989 to 2020.

- The National Sports Promotional Fund is the driving force of national sports development, accounting for 87.7% of governmental sports budgets in 2021.

Lifestyle Sports
Support for lifestyle sports groups of such as the Korean Sport & Olympic Committee, etc.
Professional Sports
Support for the Korean Sport & Olympic Committee and sports games held in Korea
International Sports Exchange
Support for international sports exchanges, international sports games, and Taekwondo promotion projects
Sports for the Disabled
Support for the Korea Paralympic Committee
Sports Welfare
Athletic performance improvement research fund, sports leader research fund, etc.
Sports Industries
Sports Facilities Safety Inspection & Management
Total Sports Facilities Information Management System, Public Sports Facilities Repairs, etc
Sports Research & Talent Cultivation
Support for sports policy development, sports science research, national teams' athletic performance improvement, sports industry promotion researches, etc.
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