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Welcome to our homepage !

I sincerely welcome all the netizens to the website of Korea Sports Promotion Foundation.

Korea Sports Promotion Foundation has raised national sports promotional funds from cycle racing, motorboat racing, Sport TOTO
and contributed them to the enhancement of life standards through the sports and fitness programs. The foundation is
fully committed to its social responsibilities as a public institution.

Since its establishment in 1989, the foundation had invested about 13.5116 trillon Won till 2020 in promoting and supporting Korea's
elite sports , recreational sports, school sports, and the sports industry, contributing to the creation of advanced sport infrastructure
and development of the sports industry.

We are especially dedicated to the infrastructure expansion projects such as the establishment of the National Sports Centers for
broad-based sports activities, grass & urethane flooring installation projects in school playgrounds for the pleasant and safe sporting
activities of children, and sports complex facilities in agricultural & fishing villages. Apart from these projects, we also provide pension
programs for national athletes, sports research and low-interest loans for facility service providers.

For the day when an environment is created where sports can be enjoyed anywhere any time, And for the day when all the Koreans
become healthier and happier.

We, KSPO, will do our best to develop the institution into a top-notch public corporation that creates best value. Our management
innovations and endless efforts for changes will endear the corporation to the nations.

Thank you.

Hyun-jae Cho
Korea Sports Promotion Foundation CEO

Public Relations Team Lim Sohee +82-2-410-1158 sohee@kspo.or.kr