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KSPO 30th Anniversity(eng)

Registration date : 2019.07.11
Taking a step forward means our will to move on and forward.

Taking a step forward means refusal to be complacent with the present conditions and a promise to make a better tomorrow.

We take a step forward and keep going.

We are Korea Sports Promotion Foundation.

We seek to find solutions to troubles every moment and, again, take on new challenges.

Thirty years ago. We made a miracle in a barren land of sports, Seoul Olympics.

Thirty years ago. We achieved a miracle of Seoul Olympics in this barren land of sports.

We were born with that daunting challenge.

We have successfully made another chapter in history in Korea, a barren land of sports.

We have contributed to making our country a place for everyone but not someone special to enjoy a healthier and happier life.

And, to make things sustainable in a sound virtuous cycle.

We have struggled to find solutions for troubles and problems every moment and taken on new challenges for the past 30 years.

Happiness for all has always been our interest.

We are taking one step forward after another to brighten every moment of all people.

A country where everyone is able to easily and better enjoy a healthy life in neighboring areas.

We sometimes pay careful attention and strive to make a world for everyone to be happier.

To make economic difficulties and even disabilities not an excuse to giving up dreams
We are planting seeds of sports in the lives of people.

Now, we dare to dream bigger.

We dream of creating a world where we are able to share the joy of sports with our people.

We strive to come up with services easily accessible to anyone to make sports a part of happy ‘everyday life'.

We are going to incorporate increasingly sophisticated technologies of the world into everyday sports activities.

Sports will allow us to create a world where people can dream of making various accomplishments, which will make our world healthier and happier.

And, we are seeking another round of miraculous thunderous shout of the day we were born again.

We are going to put more effort than anyone else to make the shout echo throughout the unified Korean peninsula.

To keep every promise to the world
We will first think about growth in us.

Transparent organization with integrity.

Putting people first,

We are going to create a beautiful organizational culture while seeking a mutual growth between labor and management.

30 years, we have come a long way.

However we know.

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